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GatorPlus is a high-throughput instrument for use in quantitation, kinetics, and epitope binning. Based on biolayer interferometry (BLI) technology, this instrument provides rapid results.

Discover more “hands-off” time and rise above the noise

This fluidics-free instrument can accommodate standard 96-well or 384-well microplates. With a walk-away time of >6 hours,  rich datasets can be obtained with little hands-on time. GatorPlus is optimized for the characterization of a wide range of biomolecules including small molecule, antibodies and other proteins. GatorPlus enables enhanced baseline stability to provide high-quality data for the accurate analysis of the most complicated pairs. With greater signal-to-noise, GatorPlus enables measurement of pM affinity pairs with ease.


From 1-456 samples/ run

16 x 16 epitope binning

Temperature controlled experiments

Quantitation and kinetics in one run

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  • Hold 2 plates
  • Automated tilt to increase sensitivity
  • LED indicators of instrument status
  • Enhanced thermal stability for better baselines
  • 2, 5, 10 Hz acquisition rates

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