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Gator BLI can perform rapid quantitation experiments. All that is needed is a standard curve of known concentrations, which can be saved and reused in future experiments.

What you need to know

Quantitation can be performed on eight samples at once in just two minutes. An entire 96-well plate of samples can be measured in under 30 minutes.

BLI technology is resilient to complex matrices. Samples can be crude supernatants or cell lysates, as well as purified proteins.

Use as little as 180µL of sample.

In contrast to cumbersome HPLC columns, our Protein A biosensors enable rapid quantitation and can be reused to save on cost per assay.

More applications

Quantitation of antibodies or other biomolecules to aid in many applications:

  • Protein purification
  • Protein expression optimization
  • AAV titer
  • Cell line development
  • Hybridoma supernatant screenings